Brainsplinter Productions is the independent production company specializing in high quality productions on economical budgets.

The brainchild of Dennis Mason and Robert (Bob) Kalison, Brainsplinter Productions was born at the Multi Media Arts Center in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

The two artists, who were strangers at the time, met at a weekly Filmmaker’s Forum conference. With filmmaking as an obvious common area of interest between the two, Dennis and Bob decided to hit up a nearby coffeehouse to talk shop after a meeting one night.

After a cup of tea and a game of “What If” later, Dennis pitched the idea for a short film that would eventually become The Heist.

Hearing Dennis’s idea, Bob uttered a sentence that would go down in history with the two filmmakers’ careers: Give me a week, and I’ll give you a script.

Snap. Just like that one of the best independent production houses was created with Dennis and Bob at the forefront.

Since the success of The Heist, the filmmakers and partners in crime have created scenes, commercials, and more short films together.

Dennis and Bob are thrilled to announce that they are working on their first feature for Brainsplinter Productions.