The Great Heist

The Great Heist - movie poster
The Great Heist - movie poster
The carefully planned robbery of an armored car begins to unravel when the four conspirators cannot agree on what is a proper Scottish accent.
The first screening was part of the Filmmaker’s Forum event at the Multi Media Arts Center in Bloomfield, NJ. This was also our first shooting location for the film.

  The Great Heist has been an official selection at the following film festivals: View the trailer.

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Arnold – Russ Uddin: Russ was born in Mount Vernon, New York, right outside NYC. He spent the majority of his childhood on the Internet and playing video games within the boundaries of Westchester County. As a teenager, he finally ventured off into the big city. There he discovered large amounts of culture, diversity, and art. It was this combination of a strange suburban life engulfed in underground cyber culture and a life hanging around inspired artistic places in Brooklyn and Queens; that fueled his interest in acting and film-making. He’s been trying to make a difference ever since.
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Kate – Lija Fisher: Lija is originally from Colorado and is currently based in New York City. Primarily a stage actress, she has been seen regionally in Denver and Los Angeles, and in New York at the Cherry Lane Theatre, Manhattan Theatre Source, and New Media Repertory Theatre. In 2008, she was nominated for Best Actress in a One Act at The Midtown International Theatre Festival, and the play, ‘The Claw of the Schwa’, won Best One Act. Lija is a Certified Pilates Instructor and just completed her first novel, ‘The Render’.
Lawrence – Mike Mergo: Mike received his degree in theatre arts from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. While at Bloom he earned a National Certificate of Merit for acting from the Kennedy Center ACTF. Since graduating he’s toured with Florida Studio Theatre and is one of the founding members of the Omicron Theatre Project. He.s worked on several new play festivals with NYC companies including Quo Vadimus Arts, Roots and Wings Theatre, and Love Creek Productions. He.s a cast member of the web series Winners and has appeared on truTV. This spring he’ll be working on the film, First and Last in beautiful Toronto and filming a pilot back here in NYC at the end of May with Town Liar Productions. He loved working with such a wonderful and talented cast and crew on The Great Heist.
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Michael – Justin Zimmerman: Justin has been studying acting since High School. It was his love for acting that brought him to the New York area with his family. Justin has been in many short films, and has also worked as director, fight choreographer, gore guy, and producer over the years. A lover of the stage, Justin believes that film is art, and was thrilled to be a part of this very fun, and funny group of people to bring The Great Heist to the screen.
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Produced by – Dennis Mason and Robert Kalison
Directed by – Dennis Mason and Robert Kalison
Written by – Robert Kalison
Director of Photography – Dennis Mason
Edited by – Dennis Mason
Production Assistant – Pooja Singh
Post Production AudioRoy Yokelson
GafferMatt Rosen
Sound Recordist – Michel Mazza