I've been foaming at the mouth for days about a guide on nofilmschool.com for building a high end Hackintosh.  Every couple of hours I find myself back at Amazon.com looking at the individual parts and pondering if I can justify the expense. HD video rendering time would be hacked into tiny pieces. At this point I feel like I need to name it Precious and start squatting, slurring, and talking to myself. Just look at the specs:

3.06GHz Core i7 950 processor / 12GB RAM / Nvidia GeForce GTX 285

That's four processing cores with HyperThreading so it shows up as 8 processors to the OS! (although HyperThreading isn't really like having four extra processors) And Premiere Pro and After Effects would have a blast playing in a 12GB memory pool. They could even have a little game of splashy splashy.