I Hear You Archive

3 Jan 2011

Rough cut complete!

(trumpet introduction) The rough cut of the film is finished! At long last, and with the help of time off from work, the assembly of I Hear You was seen from beginning to end for the first
17 Nov 2010

Production meeting – 2010-11-17

Great production meeting tonight. The usuals (Bob and Dennis) were there of course, but we also had special guest Peter Prochilo join us for some story collaboration. Good times.
5 Nov 2010

Filming “I Hear You” final scene!

Saturday is the day. We will be filming the final scene of I Hear You with Ted Leo. Ted is playing a “suit” in our film. It amuses us to no end of have a musician play
3 Nov 2010

Ted Leo is our man

It is official! We met with Ted Leo tonight. He joined us for our weekly production meeting and he's definitely on board. We will be filming his scene on Saturday, November 6. And he's a really nice
31 Oct 2010

Final final scene

We're planning to film the final scene of the film on Saturday, November 6. And by "final" I mean both the last scene of the film and the last scene to be filmed.