I Hear You Archive

4 Oct 2010

Trailer Trash

Working on a trailer for the film now. We should have something to release in a couple of days!
2 Oct 2010

The rough cut is progressing

The rough cut is coming together. About 3.5 minutes of the film is assembled at this point.
30 Sep 2010

Back it up. And again.

For the last couple days I have been backing up (and re-backing up) the footage from the shoot. You don’t play games with the footage. If it goes up in digital smoke that’s three days and the
27 Sep 2010

It’s a wrap!

Principle photography wrapped yesterday around 5:00PM. We have two more scenes to film in different locations before we have all the footage we need, but we are close. Very close. The cast and crew were fantastic to
23 Sep 2010

Short day tomorrow

First shoot day is tomorrow! It's going to be a short day tomorrow. Only three scenes in the apartment. Saturday and Sunday are the BIG shoot days.