We are (mostly) nobody filmmakers

There is a very good post by filmmaker Christopher J. Boghosian titled, "I Am A Nobody Filmmaker." With a title like that it could really go two ways. It could have been a rant by a guy who thinks that his work is being overlooked and is shaking his fist at the sky, but it's not. The article is a realistic assessment of the plight of the independent filmmaker without a breakout film and without loads of press. Here is a quote from the article.

The baker bakes, the architect designs, and the filmmaker must continually make films. What baker bakes one loaf of bread and asks for thousands of dollars to open a bakery? What architect designs one home and expects to have thousands of fans on Facebook? None. It's ludicrous. As a nobody filmmaker, I have come to realize that I need to earn my right to ask people for their time and money. And the way to do that is by consistently making films, plain-and-simple.

A sentiment also shared by the well known book that I read as a child, A Wrinkle In Time. "Das Werk lobt den Meister" or in English, "the works proves the craftsman." All of this says to me that I need to step up my productions. I'm averaging one short film a year and that is getting me nowhere quickly. Keep shooting. Keep editing. Keep growing.