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27 Jul 2015

New Logo

For years I’ve been working without a logo. I tried creating a few things myself, but I never liked any of my own designs enough to pursue a finished version. Last month I started looking for some
12 Jan 2013

Running out of HD video hard drive space!

High Definition video files, even h.264 compressed video from HD-DSLRs, take up quite a bit of space. My Canon 7D records video at about 300MB/minute. Every time I come home from a shoot I copy the audio
2 Jan 2012

High Dynamic Range HD-DSLR Video

I was really excited when I saw that the fine people at Magic Lantern had made HDR video possible on Canon DSLR cameras.  Then I was greatly disappointed when I realized that that Magic Lantern still has
1 Jan 2012

The composer has been commissioned

We are very happy to work with Peter Avelar again.  He created the music for our Mofilm AT&T commercial and now he has been commissioned to create the film score for I Hear You.  He is a
12 Jul 2011

We have started a sketch comedy group!

After years of idle waiting and hoping to meet others with similar interests in creating funny, scripted videos for online distribution my partner and I have decided to be the proactive ones.  We have created from the