New Logo

For years I’ve been working without a logo. I tried creating a few things myself, but I never liked any of my own designs enough to pursue a finished version. Last month I started looking for some outsourcing possibilities and ended up on the very popular site. I had never before tried a site like this so I didn’t know what to expect. 138 designs were submitted for my design contest. I was floored by the amount of output from this online community. One design stood out from the rest and was just a little bit weird. It was submitted by a designer going by the name Gomuworld. I saw other designs that caught my eye, but I kept going back to that design. Then variations on that design were submitted and I got even more excited. In the end I chose the Gomuworld design variation that I liked the best and award that designer the money.

I could see an animation in my mind the first time I saw the original design. Once I got the design files I started pulling apart the pieces and stacking them up inside of Adobe After Effects. The puppet tool is fantastic for situations like this. I had still images that I wanted to move so I pointed out the joints and then started keyframing the movements. Eventually I got what you see below. I’ll be happy to see this before our next finished movie.