We have started a sketch comedy group!

After years of idle waiting and hoping to meet others with similar interests in creating funny, scripted videos for online distribution my partner and I have decided to be the proactive ones.  We have created from the ether a new sketch comedy group.  We will be having a planning meeting once a month to pitch ideas, collaborate, and make plans for shooting the sketches that we create.  I am really looking forward to meeting some new people who have a passion for creativity and humor.  Since the group formed four days ago we already have twenty members.  I'm anxious to meet everyone, but our first scheduled meeting is a full three weeks away.  That still gives me time to organize the sketches that I've written or have been given to me.  I spent the better part of the weekend getting the new web site up and running.  Take a look. ShortSightedComedy.com  And join us for some fun while we crank up the funny production line.  You can become a member on meetup.com