We’re in!

There’s excitement in the air. Mofilm.com sent the acceptance email today. “Congratulations- your video has been shortlisted and we would now like to put your submission forward for the final stages of judging.” It was a little

MOFILM here we come

The final cut of our AT&T Rethink Possible commercial was finished on Sunday afternoon and uploaded to the mofilm.com site that evening. We are now in the running for some prize money and a trip to Barcelona.


Just when I think the cut is coming together I realize that one of my actors was looking directly into the camera in the take that I want to use. After Effects, you will save a shot

AT&T commercial for a contest

It was a good day. Today we shot an AT&T commercial for a mofilm.com contest. What a blast it was. It was a pleasure to work with two of our favorite actors: Lija Fisher and Mike Mergo.


I've been foaming at the mouth for days about a guide on nofilmschool.com for building a high end Hackintosh.  Every couple of hours I find myself back at Amazon.com looking at the individual parts and pondering if