German R/C Octacopter Hoists RED Epic

  I'd like to hang out with this group of Germans. They can make 5K helicopter shots with their new RED Epic camera from the sky! Berlin based OMSTUDIOS created this rig. Within minutes this cool rig can

We have started a sketch comedy group!

After years of idle waiting and hoping to meet others with similar interests in creating funny, scripted videos for online distribution my partner and I have decided to be the proactive ones.  We have created from the

Aspiring Filmmakers Boot Camp

If you have any interest in making films you owe it to yourself to go to one of Larry Meistrich's Aspiring Filmmakers Boot Camps. It is two days packed with information on the business of filmmaking. Larry touched on

Language – a short, supposedly funny scene

Description: An inmate gets a visit from one of his associates from the outside so they can talk "business." A corrupt guard sets up the meeting in a secret room. The guard has only one rule, no

Light and Shadow workshop

I am a subscriber to New York filmmaker bulletins and I’ve seen the Light and Shadow workshop advertised on there many times over the last couple years. Since it is a two day workshop the planets